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General Papers

"Exploring Delta Kappa Gamma: The Work of Dr. Annie Blanton, Mrs. Jean McLeod, and the Zeta Alpha Chapter of Matagorda County, Texas"
Molly McLeod Mirll
The Gender Neutral World: Third-Graders Conscious and Unconscious Understanding of Gender-Neutral Job Titles
Clare J. Dannenberg
The Dark Night of the Soul and the Writing of Elizabeth Madox Roberts:
Sharon M.L. Peelor
Black Education: The Antebellum Thought of Mary Ann Shadd Cary and Frederick Douglass
Carol B. Conaway

Preschool through Secondary Schooling for Girls and Women

Adolescent Women’s Bodies as Landscapes for A/r/tographical Inquiry
Karen E Dresser
Identity, Transitions, Mathematics, and Teacher Preparation
Jennifer Sarah Goldberg
Revisiting Sexual Harassment in Schools: An Examination of the Role of Social Class and Race in Teachers' Perceptions of Harassment
Regina Rahimi, Delores Liston
Advocates for the Education of Spanish Women: Rosario de Acuña, Concepción Arenal and Emilia Pardo Bazán
Beth Ann Green-Nagle
Rereading AAUW’s Tech-Savvy: A Prolegomenon to Rethink Computer Technology Education for Girls
Jan Handwerk
Spiritedness and Single Sex Schooling
Amy B Shuffelton
What good girls need to know and do: A qualitative study of school and home literacy practices in Pakistan’s rural area
Amna Latif

Women and Higher Education

Rebecca Pennell: Her Journey from Normal School Student to First Woman College Professor to Achieve Equal Status and Pay with Her Male Colleagues
Kelly Ann Kolodny
“Aesthetic Disclosure”: Rhetorical Self-Fashioning in the Education of Women and Girls
Susan Birden
Engaging College Women in the Process of Discovering Their Fierce and Fabulous Selves: A group approach to women’s empowerment in the 21st century
Dawn D. Zitney, Corey Brown
Contradictory messages? Perceptions of education and marriage among urban, middle class women in India
Anjali Kothari
Silence No More: A Transformative Transcendental Phenomenological Presentation of the Experiences of Teen Mothers Who Go to College in the Rural Southeast
Angela M Rogers
“Educating Girls and Women: (White) Women Faculty in Higher Education”
Barbara J. Thayer-Bacon
More than Title IX: How Equity in Education has Shaped the Nation
Sarita Pillai
Experiences Across Generations: Women Scholars in Academe
Jennifer Sarah Goldberg, Stephanie Burrell, Susan Franzosa, Emily Smith
Balancing Personal and Professional Lives
Maike Ingrid Philipsen
Understanding Female Immigrant Scholars: An Understudied Issue
Maike Ingrid Philipsen
From Mary Wollstonecraft to cyberspace:Changing coeducational landscapes for educating 21st century women online
Julia Kathryne Daine
A critical exploratory analysis of salary incentives and the participation of women teachers in remote Ghana
Katrina Renee Hutchison
Mothering/Professoring: Symbiotic Curricula
Linda Ann Hoeptner Poling

The Education of Girls and Women in Non-school Settings

Entreprenuerial Empowerment in Afghanistan and Rwanda
martha parker-magagna
Perceptions of Learning of Women Enrolled in Homeless Education Program
Julia Zoino-Jeannetti

Documentation, Funding and Publication of Research on the Education of Girls and Women

The Power of Knowing: Student Responses to Women’s Reclamation Work in the Philosophy of Education
Teresa Genevieve Wojcik, Connie Titone